Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Life's waiting to begin

My Tuesday has been totally dullsville so far. I hate the days when work seems to drag on forever and I’m forced to magically conjure up something to do because I don’t have enough work to do. Sigh… why can’t I be busy every day? I loathe days when I come to work and have nothing to keep me busy. I work as a paralegal in a law office by the way. I like the job, but I definitely don’t like how un-busy I am sometimes.

I think a change of scenery is in order. I live in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere Minnesota and I want something bigger. I want to live somewhere with bustling sidewalks, diverse restaurants, actual night life, malls that deserve to be called malls, and all of the other perks that can come along with living in a town that boasts a population of more than 256 people.

The time is right to make a change. I’m at a place in my life where the only person I’m responsible for is me. And of course this little guy.

Colby and his new best friend Gerard the Dinosaur. Cute!

I’m currently unattached and I have an outrageously supportive family who will have my back no matter what. When else is it going to be this easy for me to pick up and change my life? I’m not saying that I’m going to move tomorrow, but it’s definitely on my agenda for the next year. Someday soon I’m going to be the Fit Chick Foodie living in the big city! Perhaps by the time I move, I’ll be a true fit chick foodie instead of one in the making.

Onto my eats!

Breakfast was essentially a repeat of yesterday’s oatmeal.

Even yummier with a dollop of almond butter!

I’ve been trying to avoid processed frozen food, but I do have a few frozen dinners stuffed in my freezer in case I’m running behind in the morning and don’t have time to throw something better together. I could probably find healthier frozen food options, but so far I haven’t made the switch from Lean Cuisines. Luckily, my L.C. meals only make very rare appearances.

Haha, I took that picture primarily to showcase the sketchy microwave that we have at work. I had a similar microwave when I was in college that I held onto until earlier this year when it started lighting my food on fire when I tried to use it. After I started a few microwave items on fire, I decided it was time to upgrade.

Here’s the finished product.

It tasted pretty good for a L.C. meal, but I wish I would have grabbed something else to munch on during the afternoon. I was hungry again by 3 p.m. I think I might have to bring a stash of snacks to keep at my desk for those days when I need something to snack on.

I munched some carrots and hummus when I got home from work because I was having a hard time deciding what I was in the mood to eat for supper.

Eventually I decided on a bagel thin with egg whites and the new chipotle flavor laughing cow cheese with a tomato on the side. Not the most well-rounded or substantial meal, but I wasn't in the mood to eat anything else. Perhaps I'll snack on some fruit later this evening.

I snuck in some weight training after eating dinner and then I headed out for my bike ride with mom. The convenient thing about living down the street from my mom is that I always have a willing bike riding companion. My mom is on a mission to get healthy too so we’re helping to keep each other accountable.

This bad boy takes me everywhere I want to go.

Speaking of my mom, she’s a blog reader too (although currently I haven’t allowed her to read mine) and we decided that she needed a catchy nickname for use on my blog. Haha, suggestions?

 Tomorrow night is my weekly dinner with my mom and little brother. Wednesday nights are when my dad and older brother have fishing league so it's the perfect excuse for mom and I to try out our new healthy recipes without having to hear complaints from the boys.

Our menu currently consists of a quinoa salad so I'm going to have to plan out a more complete menu before tomorrow night. This is my first foray into using quinoa. Wish me luck! I'll be sure to post the results of my quinoa cooking experiment.

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