Monday, October 4, 2010

Baseball + Margaritas + Abby = the Perfect Day!

I seem to be rocking a once a week posting schedule at the moment. Things should pick up around here now that I'm completely moved and unpacked. Did I mention that I was in the midst of a move? I didn't move far, but any move is enough to keep your time fully occupied for weeks at a time. I have way too much junk it seems.

My move was pretty much complete by the end of last week which should have meant relaxation, but I spent my weekend on the go again and didn't have a lot of downtime. On Saturday I attended my very first game at the Minnesota Twin's new baseball stadium, Target Field. It's so pretty! Our seats had a fabulous view of the Minneapolis skyline.

I can't believe it took me all summer to make it to a game. Baseball is my one true sporting love. I was also BEYOND excited to spend the day with my BFF Abby.

Abby lives entirely too far away from me so we don't get to hang out as often as we'd like, but we definitely make up for it every time we manage to coordinate schedules because we always have a killer time together. I wouldn't have wanted to experience my first game at Target Field with anyone but her.

Any other baseball fans out there? More importantly, any other Twins fans out there? I'm a diehard hometown team supporter although I also have a soft spot for the White Soxs.

Aside from the fabulous company, great weather, beautiful new stadium, and ridiculously talented baseball team that I got to enjoy on Saturday, my other favorite part of the day was when I discovered that Target Field now sells margaritas. That's right, my friends. Margaritas. At a baseball game. Could my day have gotten any better?!

Since I live in Minnesota, you would assume that I'm acclimated to the insane weather spectrum that I'm forced to endure every year, but that would be an incorrect assumption. Cold weather and I are NOT friends. I much prefer the long hot sunny days of summer and would happily skip most of the weather between October and March of each year. With that said, I will, however, admit that I've been loving fall lately. The weather hasn't taken a turn for the really chilly yet and I'm a huge fan of all that stereotypically fall-esque stuff. I like to drink pumpkin flavored coffee drinks and eat pumpkin flavored things (I'm sensing a theme here...). I also like bundling up in layers and getting to sleep under a mound of blankets at night. Not to mention nothing makes me happier than being able to wear all of my boots and sweaters again. I've missed you, fall clothes! I'm hoping that my newfound enthusiasm for fall will continue into the winter. Keep those fingers crossed, people.

My food this weekend was pretty typical, but there were a few highlights.

Friday night featured a thai peanut noodle bowl.

It was muy delicioso!

Sunday's breakfast however won the prize for most delicious food this weekend. I made these and OMG! SO GOOD! Seriously, try these pumpkin breakfast cakes. They were moist and flavorful and pretty much perfect. Plus I love that they were individual sized. Perfect for portion control, y'all.

I have a feeling that these little babies are going to be making frequent appearances on my dinner table. I may or may not be drooling over them even as I type. Yum!