Monday, August 16, 2010

Goal #1: Learn to be a kitchen goddess

I crashed out insanely early last night (I was sleeping before 10 p.m.) and woke up this morning feeling bright and chipper. Highly unusual for a Monday morning. Most Monday mornings are experienced through blurry eyes and a haze of exhaustion.

Breakfast this morning consisted of an oatmeal concoction that was half overnight oats and half breakfast cookie ala The Fitnessista.

This whole blog thing is new to me so I’m still smoothing out a lot of the rough edges. I do plan on blogging about my food on a daily basis, but does that mean that I’m going to document every single thing that I eat each day? I’m not sure. Maybe. These first few weeks of blogging are going to be experimental. I’m going to see what works for me and what doesn’t.

Food blogging is something that is weirdly fascinating. Seeing what people eat each day is like a tiny peek into their personal lives. I’ll be the first one to admit that I’m incredibly nosy so I find these little glimpses to be rather fascinating. Plus it’s a great way to find new foods, recipes, and ways to change up your own eating habits.

My attitude toward food has been the biggest change in my life over the past eight months. When I started trying to lose weight back in January (SPOILER ALERT! A blog post about my weight loss is coming soon. :P) I did what I always did when I wanted to lose weight in the past. I cut my calories (a lot) and pretty much tried to subsist on “diet” food. If it was fat free, sugar-free, or low-calorie then I was willing to eat it even though the ingredient lists usually read a lot like a science experiment. I was aware that my methods weren’t sustainable in the long term, but I was so overwhelmed by the idea of trying to lose the weight that I was afraid to put any more stress on my own shoulders by trying to find a different way. My philosophy was that I’d lose all of the weight and then I’d worry about keeping it off. I’m definitely an act first and stress later kind of girl.

A lot of little things led up to the shift in my mindset. I started listening to podcasts of Jillian Michael’s radio show and slowly but surely my opinions on what I should be eating began to change. Jillian talked a lot about organics and how we should be eating “real” food, not processed chemicals with no real nutritional value. I also came to realize that if I wanted to make a real change, the kind that would last, I had to tackle the bigger issues and overhaul my lifestyle in a way that was both healthy and sustainable. I made small changes at first like adding more fruits and veggies to my meals, avoiding trans fats, and attempting to buy organic when possible. It is definitely still a work in progress, but my eating has done a 180 degree twist from when I first started. My eating habits are far from perfect, but every day I’m working toward eating as clean as possible.

My newest goal (food-wise) is to put more effort into my meals. Right now I tend to follow the path of least resistance when it comes to cooking (i.e. I rarely do any actual cooking), but I want to change that. I’ve been reading a bunch of other food blogs lately and seeing all of the delicious food has inspired me to take more pride in the food that I prepare. I’m going to learn how to be a total goddess in the kitchen if it kills me (and it might!). Keep your fingers crossed that I don’t blow up the oven. You laugh now, but it’s a definite possibility, I have the magic touch when it comes to innocently destroying common household items. I’ve managed to blow up everything from lawn mowers to vacuum cleaners to ice cream scoops.

Lunch was a gloriously delicious salad! Romaine, tomatoes, green peppers, hardboiled egg whites, feta, and cucumbers… YUM!

Usually after I scarf down my lunch, I use the rest of my lunch hour to take a brisk walk outside, but today a trip to Target was required. My headphones went on the fritz this weekend. Certain things I can live without, but my iPod is not one of them. New headphones were an instantaneous must.

Oops! I was only going to buy the headphones, but I can never resist buying a book when it has Nalini Singh’s name on the cover. I am an unabashed fangirl for any and all of Nalini’s books.

Cherries have been my favorite snack lately. They’re perfect for when I need something simple to munch on at work. Between the cherries and the copious amounts of tea that I drank today, my tummy was happy all afternoon.

Half the fun of drinking tea is that I get to use my super awesome picture mug. I had a picture mug made for my ex-boyfriend for Valentine’s Day this year and thought it was so cute that I had another one made just for me.

My friend Casey is lending me his copies of P90X which I’m incredibly excited for. I’m hoping it kicks my butt. I’ve been doing my best to keep my workouts outdoors this summer because the warm weather is so fleeting in Minnesota. I hate to waste even a second of the glorious hot sunny weather. However, once the weather turns cold, I’m going to be in full-on hibernation mode. It’ll be the perfect time for indoor workouts like P90X or my much coveted Turbofire (*hint, hint* Christmas present idea!). I’m also planning to use my hibernation productively and to make use of the treadmill. Training for a half-marathon is how I intend to spend my winter. I haven’t decided when (or even if) I’ll run a half-marathon, but I’d like to be prepared just in case. I’ve always thought the Disney Princess Half-Marathon looked pretty snazzy. Any place that you can wear a tutu without people looking at you funny is a-ok in my book.

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