Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Weekend Recap

Happy Wednesday everyone! My work week is officially halfway over and I couldn't be more glad. I am so ready for a long weekend. God bless Labor Day.

I've been a blogging slacker again. I felt slightly sick for most of last week so my food centered around mostly bland combinations. It definitely wasn't anything worthy of a blog post. Plus I was in the twin cities area for the entire weekend hanging out with my family and didn't bother to bring my laptop along with me.

Our impromtu family reunion was the result of my cousin John's marching band playing in the parade at the State Fair. My family will latch onto any excuse for a shindig. I'm pretty sure our family motto is "The family that plays together, stays together!"

As you can see, this girl loves an adventure. Conquering the Minnesota State Fair definitely counts as an adventure in my book.

My cousin Tiffany was equally excited for the fair!

We even bought new gaudy shades to rock at the fair. We're cool like that.

Most of the day was spent with these adorable cuties...

Anyone who's been to the MN State Fair (or probably any fair) knows that it's really all about the food. Well that and the free stuff. In years past I might have eaten cheese curds, corn dogs, cheesecake on a stick, and who knows what else. This year, however, I was on a mission to keep things a tad healthier. Before the fair I filled up on a Panera bagel with cream cheese. Yum! Have I mentioned what a Panera freak I am yet? The closest Panera to me is over an hour away so it's definitely not something I get to enjoy on a regular basis. I stocked my purse with almonds and a Luna bar to eat at the fair so my snacking was infinitely healthier than in previous years.

After about seven hours of wandering the fair, Tiff and I got bored so we decided to take our adventurous selves elsewhere. We informed the rest of the family that we were heading to the nearest Barnes and Noble and requested that they pick us up on their way home.

My only purchase at the B&N was an Ani Phyo raw cookbook that I've been coveting. I'm excited to try out a few of the recipes!

After a long day at the fair and another hour or so of B&N browsing, Tiff and I were in desperate need of libations. Yes, that's right, I can stay strong in the face of unhealthy, fried fair foods but I'm helpless before a margarita.

And yes, it was DE-lightful! I don't feel even an ounce of guilt over drinking the whole thing even though I'm mentally cringing at the amount of calories.

Of course, the margarita calories paled in front of the calories in these babies.

It was my aunt's birthday on Sunday so Tiff and I went on a mini baking spree and whipped up a few white chocolate raspberry cheesecake and fruit pizza. Fruit pizza is a thing of dreams, my friends. SO GOOD! Fruit pizza is right up there with grilled cheese as my favorite food. Haha, can you tell I have the taste buds of a four year old?

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